Legal status: Société par Actions Simplifiée (simplified joint-stock company)

Seat: 42, Avenue Montaigne - 75008 Paris - France

Share capital: € 50,000

Registration: 801 464 959 - RCS Paris

SIRET: 801 464 959 00015

TVA EU: FR 17 801464959 


These General Terms and Conditions of Sale firstly aims at informing any possible customer on the terms and conditions by which the vendor (“APONIE”) processes the sale and the delivery of products ordered and, secondly, defining the rights and obligations of the parties within the frame of the products sold by APONIE to the consumer (“the Purchaser”). They are applied, without any reserve or restriction, to all the sales of the products offered by APONIE on its website www.aponie.com (hereinafter “the Website”).

These General Terms and Conditions of Sale shall be applied to the exclusion of any other condition, notably the ones applicable to the sales completed by other distribution or marketing. These General Terms and Conditions of Sale may be viewed at any time on APONIE’s website and shall prevail, if necessary, on any other version or contradictory document.

Hence, by ordering a product offered for sale on APONIE’s website, the Purchaser acknowledges that these General Terms and Conditions of Sale have been read and fully approved before the order. The products offered to sale on APONIE’s website and to all countries. For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions of Sale, the Purchaser and APONIE shall be jointly referred to as the Parties or individually referred to as the Party.

Before placing any order, the Purchaser certifies:
- That the purchase or products on APONIE’s website is not related directly to any professional activity and is exclusively limited for personal use;
- To have full legal capacity, allowing commitment to these Terms and Conditions of Sale. 

APONIE sells products available on its Website exclusively for retail purposes and to ultimate consumers. Any order that does not clearly correspond to a retail sale and more generally, any fraudulent order or suspected as such shall be considered by APONIE as null and void.

Any resale or distribution of APONIE products purchased on its Website is strictly prohibited. For any trade enquiries or orders, please contact the sales department of APONIE by e-mail on commercial@aponie.com or by phone on +33 (0) 6 52 92 32 92.

APONIE reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions of Sale at any time. The Terms and Conditions of Sale applicable at the time of the order placed by a Purchaser on APONIE’s Website are those approved by the Purchaser when placing the order.

These Terms and Conditions of Sale complement the Terms of Use of Website www.aponie.com.


3.1 Pricing 

The sales prices of the products are displayed on APONIE’s Website www.aponie.com in euros, including tax but not including delivery costs. They are those that are effective at the time of the order confirmation by the Purchaser, provided that the goods were available at this time. APONIE reserves the right to modify the prices of products offered on its Website www.aponie.com at any time without prior notice to you. The Purchaser shall be informed about this modification before any order.

The prices are inclusive of the French value-added tax (VAT) applicable on the day of the order and any change in the applicable rate shall be automatically applied to the price of the products sold by APONIE on its Website.

The Purchaser can view the total price including taxes and the shipping costs before the order confirmation.

The orders are paid in euros. Pursuant to the provisions of article L.121-19 of the Consumer Code, the customer will receive, on delivery and for each of the articles, written confirmation of the price paid giving details of the price of each article and the delivery costs to be paid by the customer.

3.2 Product information and presentation

Pursuant to article L. 111-1 of the French Consumer Code, the Purchaser may, before, the order, view on APONIE’s Website the main features of the product(s) that the said Purchaser wishes to order.

The Purchaser can select one or several products among the several sections offered on APONIE’s Website.

The offerings displayed by APONIE are valid while stocks are available. If any product ordered turns out to be subsequently unavailable, APONIE shall inform the Purchaser as soon as possible. If all the products ordered are unavailable, the order shall be automatically cancelled and Purchaser’s banking account shall be credited within 30 (thirty) days at the latest after the order confirmation. If some products are unavailable, the Purchaser may choose to replace the unavailable Product with another Product at the same price, to maintain or to entirely or partially cancel the order.

At any time, APONIE may modify the range of the products commercialized on its Website.

Any photographs, graphic depictions and descriptions of the products on sale are purely indicative and not binding on APONIE. APONIE does not accept any responsibility in the event of manifest error between the actual characteristics of articles and their representation.

3.3 Order

3.3.1 Maximum order

The maximum amount of an order placed by a given Purchaser (same family name, same address) may not exceed €3,000 taxes included (excluding delivery costs). Likewise, over a period of 7 (seven) days, a given Purchaser may not place more than 3 (three) orders, the maximum cumulative amount of which may not exceed €7,000 taxes included (excluding delivery costs).

In the event of a superior amount, the Purchaser may contact directly APONIE by email at commercial@aponie.com.

3.3.2 Order placed online

Orders can only be placed via the Internet on the merchant Website accessible from the website www.aponie.com. The customer bears the telecommunications costs related to access to the Internet and use of the Website www.aponie.com. The customer declares that he/she is cognizant with and accepts these general terms and conditions of sale before placing the order. By validating the order, the customer accepts these general terms and conditions of sale without prejudice to the specific contractual conditions closed between the Parties.

In the event of prolonged inactivity during the connection, it is possible that the selection of articles chosen before such period of inactivity may no longer be guaranteed. The customer will be asked to recommence selection of the products from the beginning. All the necessary stages of the sale are described on the website www.teo-cabanel.com - www.shop.teo-cabanel.com in compliance with the provisions of article 1369-4 of the Civil Code. Pursuant to the provisions of article 1369-5 of the Civil Code, the customer will have the possibility, before definitively validating his/her order, of verifying the order in detail and the total price and correcting any errors, before confirming the order to express his/her acceptance.

Before payment confirmation and then, the Purchaser may verify the details of the order and its total amount, and may, if needed, modify the order before confirmation. When the Purchaser confirms the order by clicking on the “Confirm” icon, which constitutes an electronic signature, which has the same value between the Parties as a handwritten signature, the Purchaser is considered as having agreed knowledgeably on these Terms and Conditions of Sale, the prices, the volumes, the quantities and the delivery schedule of the commercialized products and ordered by the said Purchaser.

Once this step is confirmed, the Purchaser may not cancel the order.

From the moment at which the customer validates his/her order, APONIE will send an acknowledgement of receipt of the order without delay by e-mail, it being specified that the acknowledgement of receipt of the order does not in any way constitute neither a confirmation of the availability of the product(s) ordered, nor validation of payment for the order. The sale will only be considered final after confirmation of the order has been forwarded to the customer by APONIE, specifying that the articles have been dispatched and the amount due fully collected. Only those articles actually dispatched will be debited, along with the delivery costs. APONIE advises the Purchaser to keep the details provided in the order notification sent by APONIE.

Unless proved otherwise, the data saved by APONIE are the proof of the order notification sent by APONIE.

Upon receipt of the order, the Purchaser may exercise his/her right of withdrawal in accordance with Article 6.

3.4 Availability

The products on offer and the prices are valid as long as they can be viewed on the Website www.aponie.com, depending on available stocks. Certain products, which are available in limited quantities, may not be available at the time of the order. This information will be supplied to the customer when the order is placed. Errors or modifications may, exceptionally, occur, notably in the event of a given product being ordered simultaneously by several customers. The customer will be informed of any unavailability of products by e-mail, or by any other means of communication (telephone, fax, etc.) within 15 (fifteen) days and may not hold APONIE responsible for this in any way.

In the event of unavailability of the product(s) selected, the customer may either choose another article in the range or cancel his/her order. If the customer chooses to cancel the order, he/she will immediately be reimbursed if the bank account has already been debited and in any case no later than 30 (thirty) days after payment of the sums by the customer.

3.5 Refusal of orders

Pursuant to the provisions of article L.122-1 of the Consumer Code, APONIE is entitled to refuse any abnormal order or any order not placed in good faith. In addition, APONIE is entitled to refuse any order from a customer with whom legal proceedings have been instituted with respect to payment of an earlier order placed with APONIE, or with any other merchant.


The payment must be completed when the Purchaser orders online. Under no circumstance, the amounts paid shall be considered as earnest or down payments.

The orders are paid in euros, all taxes and mandatory contributions included.

For payment, the Purchaser may use the following methods: credit card or PayPal account. The credit cards approved on the Website APONIE are: Carte Bleue, Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Carte Aurore, Carte Cofinoga or Privilège, Carte 4 Étoiles using the secured server of our bank Société Générale, Sogenactif. This implies that no banking information concerning the Purchaser is transmitted via the Website. Payment by credit card is perfectly secure.

Gift certificates delivered in our shops are not valid on the Website APONIE. Online credit notes are allocated by name. Their use is unique. They can be used in all the sections of APONIE e-shop. The validity period is three months from the date of issue.

The Purchaser certifies to APONIE that he is granted the necessary authorizations to use the selected payment method when conforming the order. 

APONIE reserves the right to suspend or cancel any order and/or delivery execution, whatever the type or the execution level is, in case of payment absence or partial payment of any amount due by the Purchaser, in case of payment failure, or in case of fraud or fraud attempt related to the use of APONIE’s Website.

Penalties of an amount equal to the legal interest rate plus five percentage points are applicable with full right to the unpaid amounts from 10 (ten) days following the payment date or at the notification of the denied payment for any other payment method. The delivery of a new order may be suspended in the event of late payment or partial payment for a previous order and notwithstanding the provisions of this Terms and Conditions of Sale.

APONIE reserves the right to ask a copy of the identity card and/or if necessary of Purchaser’s credit card (front side only) for any payment by credit card.

As part of the fight against fraud on the Internet, the information related to the order may be given to any third authorized by law or designated by APONIE only for purpose of verifying the identification of the Purchaser, the order validity, the payment method and the type of delivery. 

In order to ensure the security of a payment by credit card, the Purchaser shall provide to the online payment company chosen by APONIE the security code (CVV) displayed at the back of the credit card used by the Purchaser 

The transactions processed on the Website APONIE are secured by Sogenactif, which is payment solution of our partner Société Générale. Any data exchanged to process the payment is encrypted thanks to the SSL protocol. These data cannot be detected, intercepted, nor used by a third party. They are not stored in our computer systems.

For your security, Sogenactif verifies that the connection with your browser is well secured before sending your financial data. Sogenactif is a technical service provider and does not handle the order-related claims. These must be settled directly with APONIE and/or the concerned banks.

APONIE uses also an extra level of of security for Visa and MasterCard payments, which protects you from the unauthorized use of your credit card solution. 3-D Secure technology consists of the programs Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode. After you enter your credit card details in our online store, a new window will appear, requesting your personal security code. Your financial institution will authenticate the transaction within seconds, as well as confirm that you are the individual making the purchase.

For more information regarding Sogenactif, please visit www.sogenactif.com.

APONIE also resorts a secured payment tool PayPal so the data provided are encrypted by software and that no third party may view them during their transfer on the network. The payment security lays on Purchaser’s authentication and on the confidentiality of these data. To ensure the security, PayPal resorts to proven techniques of cryptography and follows the various banking regulations enforceable in France.


5.1 Delivery conditions – General rule

The products definitely ordered by the Purchaser shall be delivered to the delivery address provided by the Purchaser (a notice of delivery will be left in the absence of the customer). The Purchaser must provide a valid address, corresponding to a domicile, a relative’s home, a work place or a personal postal box. APONIE shall not receive any claim if the address provided is incomplete or incorrect. If a parcel is sent back by the carrier to APONIE because the address provided is incomplete or incorrect, the Purchaser shall be given the choice to pay a second time the shipping costs for the return of the order or to be reimbursed after deduction of the shipping costs. 

No dispute relating to the delivery itself is possible if the parcel appears as delivered, as evidenced by the postmark or by the computer system of La Poste. It is the responsibility of the customer to check the state of the packaging and the contents of the parcel on receipt of the merchandiseand to indicate any reservations on the delivery docket if the parcel appears to have been opened or damaged. Signature, without reservation, of the delivery docket by the customer is deemed to signify acceptance of the parcel.APONIE may not in any case be held responsible for any deterioration in the quality of the products and their packaging due to shipment.

By default, the invoices are sent by email to the email address provided by the Purchaser during the subscription on the Website APONIE. In the absence of the following the contractual provisions described hereinafter, no claim from the Purchaser shall be received.

The products are shipped by regular mail (not recorded), by recorded mail (“Colissimo Recommandé” in France and in its Overseas Departments and Territories, and “Colissimo International in all other countries), within the conditions stipulated hereinafter. The delivery of the products by regular mail is only available for the collection discovery kits, composed of samples. The delivery is made by La Poste (French mail company) and does not offer an order tracking to the Purchaser.

For any further information, the customer may contact the Customer Service by writing (APONIE Customer Service – 42, Avenue Montaigne – 75008 Paris – FRANCE) or by email to client@aponie.com. Whenever an order is destined for a country that is not a member of the European Union, the customer is the importer of the products concerned. Therefore, customs duties and other local taxes may be payable and the customer is responsible for them.If the delivery takes longer, this will not give rise to compensation.

Upon delivery, the Purchaser or the addressee of the products ordered shall sign a delivery slip and a receipt. In case of absence, the Purchaser or the addressee shall receive a delivery notice allowing retrieving within 15 (fifteen) days the order in the nearest post office stated in the delivery notice.

During the delivery, in case of apparent anomaly (damage, missing product, damaged parcel or broken product) noticed in front of La Poste’s representative, the Purchaser or the addressee must apply the “Colissimo process”, by reporting the damages or the missing items and by expressing claims and reservations, and must deny the delivery by immediately filing an anomaly report with La Poste’s representative (report 170).

The reservations and claims must be comprehensive and accurate. They must accurately describe the damages noticed and provide the order number.

The Purchaser or the addressee must notify the carrier, by recorded mail with receipt, any issue related to the parcel condition or content within 3 (three) days after receipt. He may also report the encountered issue to APONIE by immediately sending an email to APONIE’s Customer Service to client@aponie.com.

5.2 Delivery costs and lead-times

5.2.1 Delivery methods features

For any order confirmed from Monday to Friday (excluding holidays)before midday (12:00p.m., Paris time, GMT +1 hour) on APONIE’s Website, the order will be prepared the same day if the products are available.

The delivery schedule for France (Corse and Monaco included) following the confirmation is:
- Regular mail: prior or equal to 7 (seven) working days
- Recorded mail (Colissimo Recommandé France): prior or equal to 7 (seven) working days 

The delivery schedule for French Overseas Departments and Territories following the confirmation is:
- Regular mail: prior or equal to 9 (nine) working days
- Recorded mail (Colissimo Recommandé DOM-TOM): prior or equal to 9 (nine) working days 

The delivery schedule for the rest of the world following the confirmation is:
- Regular mail: prior or equal to 15 (fifteen) working days
- Recorded mail (Colissimo International): prior or equal to 15 (fifteen) working days 

In the event of delay exceeding 10 (ten) days not due to cases of force majeure, the Purchaser shall have the right to cancel the order by recorded mail with receipt to APONIE (APONIE Customer Service – 42, Avenue Montaigne – 75008 Paris – France) or via email to client@aponie.com. APONIE will then carry out an investigation with the carrier before reimbursing the undelivered products.

The Purchaser may use this order cancellation right in case of non-delivery within the contractual schedule during a limited period of 60 (sixty) days from the exceeding of the deadline set for the delivery of the products. The total amount paid by the Purchaser will be reimbursed if the order has been returned, either with a credit note or a reimbursement, at the Purchaser’s option, as quickly as possible within thirty days following the date on which the Purchaser has used his right to cancel the order.

5.2.2 Delivery costs by regular mail

The shipping costs correspond to the effective price applied by La Poste on the day of the order, to which APONIE will just add the management costs of this order.

5.2.3 Delivery costs by recorded mail (Colissimo):





6,88 €

Metropolitan France, Monaco

OM 1

9,64 €

Guadeloupe (including St Barthelemy and St Martin), Martinique, Reunion, French Guyana, Mayotte and St-Pierre and Miquelon.

OM 2

11,29 €

New Caledonia and its dependences, French Polynesia, Wallis and Futuna, French Southern and Antartic Territories.

Zone 1

12,66 €

Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg.

Zone 2

15,22 €

United Kingdom, Italy, Spain and Switzerland.

Zone 3

15,72 €

Austria, Ireland and Portugal.

Zone 4

19,79 €

Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, and Denmark.

Zone 5

20,20 €

Greece, Iceland, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Croatia, et Romania.

Zone 6

20,44 €

Other countries in Estern Europe and Maghreb.

Zone 7

25,77 €

United States of America, Canada, Australia, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Africa, and Middle East.

Zone 8

28,51 €

America except United States of America and Canada, other countries in Asia and Oceania except Australia.

5.2.4 Legal lead-time

In compliance with the provisions of article L.121-20-3 of the French Consumer Code, the articles ordered will be delivered no later than 30 (thirty) days from the day following placing of the order, subject to complete payment of the purchase price. Delivery lead-time varies depending on the type of shipment and the place of delivery. The delivery lead-time runs from receipt of the payment or bank authorization.

For any order made on the APONIE’s Website, delivery lead-times will be indicated to the customer at the time the order is made, it being specified that the lead-times indicated on the Website are valid for orders placed from Monday to Friday (excluding holidays), before midday (12:00p.m., Paris time, GMT +1 hour).


6.1 Cancellation of order

To be taken into consideration, any request to cancel an order must be made before dispatch of the products and, at the latest, 24 (twenty-four) hours before the date of departure of the package. This cancellation must be notified directly to the APONIE’s Customer by email to client@aponie.com.

6.2 Withdrawal right and period

Pursuant to article L. 121-20 of the French Consumer Code, for all operations of distance selling, the Purchaser shall have 7 (seven) days from the receipt of the order by the said Purchaser or the addressee to return at his own expense the full order to APONIE and obtain, at the Purchaser’s option, an exchange (all shipping costs incurred for this new delivery remaining at the Purchaser’s own expense), a credit note or a reimbursement corresponding to the amount of the order. If the deadline expires on a Saturday, Sunday or a holiday, it is extended to the next business day.

The value of the products returned will be refunded to the Purchaser, excluding the initial shipment costs without delay and no later than 30 (thirty) days following the date on which the customer has exercised the right of withdrawal.

The Purchaser must inform APONIE’s Customer Service in writing (by email using the contact form in the "Contact" channel, to the email address client@aponie.com, by fax or by letter) of his/her decision before returning the merchandise.

6.3 Return of products –Exchange

In the event that the customer is not satisfied with the products ordered from APONIE, despite the care and attention devoted by the latter to selecting its products, he/she may, within 7 (seven) days from receipt of the order, and after having informed APONIE’s Customer Service by writing (letter to APONIE Customer Service – 42, Avenue Montaigne – 75008 Paris – FRANCE – or by email to client@aponie.com), return the said products at his/her own expense and in their original packaging to the following address: APONIE Customer Service – 42, Avenue Montaigne – 75008 Paris – FRANCE.

For the return to be accepted, products must be in perfect and new condition, and in their original packaging also in perfect condition, sealed and unopened with the original invoice, and the return is at the risk of the Purchaser. Referrals “paid by the recipient” or “against repayment” shall be refused. Any product, which was opened, damaged or soiled by the Purchaser, shall never be refunded or exchanged.

The customer must indicate, when returning the products, whether he/she wishes an exchange or a refund for the products. If the customer chooses to exchange the product(s), APONIE will send products of the same value and quality, at its expense and as soon as possible. If the customer chooses a refund, he/she will receive, as soon as possible, a credit for the amount equal to the value of the product(s) returned (excluding delivery costs) valid for 1 year for all the products on the website of APONIE, or a reimbursement by the payment method chosen at the order placement. In case of excessive returns, APONIE reserves the right to refuse any further order. 

The reimbursement to the Purchaser shall be processed within 30 (thirty) days after APONIE has received the withdrawal receipt, provided that the product(s) were returned to APONIE in perfect and original condition. The shipping costs remains at the Purchaser’s expense. The Purchaser shall send the parcel via recorded mail with receipt to the following address: APONIE Customer Service – 42, Avenue Montaigne – 75008 Paris – France.

6.4 Return of unsatisfactory or damaged products

In the event that one or several products do not comply with the Purchaser’s order or are defective or damaged, the Purchaser must immediately inform APONIE by writing (letter to APONIE’s Customer Service at the following address – APONIE Customer Service – 42, Avenue Montaigne – 75008 Paris – FRANCE – or by email to client@aponie.com) and return them to it at his/her cost no later than 30 (thirty) days after delivery of the order. 

The replacement product(s) will be sent to the Purchaser at the expense ofAPONIE. In the event that the product(s) returned is/are no longer available, APONIE will inform the customer and will reimburse him/her for the amount of the said product(s) (not including shipment costs). 


Until effective and full payment of the full purchase price, costs, taxes and mandatory contributions included, APONIE remains the full owner of the goods sold. Full payment for the goods results in transfer of ownership; however, the customer becomes responsible for the articles on delivery, transfer of ownership being accompanied by transfer of risks.


The Purchaser is granted applicable legal provisions within the conditions in article L.211-4 and in the following articles of the French Consumer Code and in the articles 1641 and 1648 of the French Civil Code.

However, regarding the obligations of these Terms and Conditions of Sale, APONIE is not liable in case or a force majeure event as defined in the French jurisdictions, as unpredictable and unforeseeable event.

APONIE shall not be held liable for damages of any kind, tangible or intangible, that may result from a product misuse by the Purchaser, in contradiction to the use, the basic rules of good use and the instructions provided.


If one or several provisions of these Terms and Conditions are non-valid or declared as such by application of a law, a regulation or pursuant to a final court decision, the other provisions shall retain their full force and scope.


The fact that one of the Parties did not claim to the other the breach of any of the obligation set in these Terms and Conditions of Sale shall not be considered as a waiver.


11.1 Order placed online

The customer must, in order to purchase a product when placing his/her first order on the website of APONIE, open a customer account and fill in an order form containing certain mandatory fields deemed to be essential for handling the said order and for normal commercial relations, to allow his/her selection to be recorded.

The personal data collected by APONIE when the Purchaser places the order are necessary for the order management by APONIE and its providers, and for commercial relations.

Personal data shall be used, subject to the subject’s rights, to inform the said subject on the products or services provided by APONIE and its business partners.

11.2 Collection of information from minors over the age of 16 (sixteen)

Non-emancipated minors do not have the capacity to enter into a contract. Collection of data from minors is subject to prior parental authorization.

11.3 Retention of and access to personal information – "Personal data"

This personal data will be used by APONIE for commercial, marketing and/or information purposes. It may also be passed on, where applicable likewise to any third party involved in handling, processing and payment of the order. 

In order to respect legal and regulatory obligations and respond to the needs of its Purchasers and to guarantee the best possible service, APONIE may retain some personal information concerning the Purchaser (contact details, etc.).

Pursuant to law no. 78-17 relative to data processing and freedom of 6 January 1978, customers of APONIE have the right to access, modify, rectify or eliminate any data concerning them. To exercise this right, Purchasers must apply in writing to the Customer Service of APONIE (APONIE Customer Service – 42, Avenue Montaigne – 75008 Paris – FRANCE) or send an email to client@aponie.com.

Depending on the choices made by the Purchaser on creation or consultation of his/her personal online account, he/she may receive commercial and promotional information. Three types of emails may be sent: newsletters, customized offerings, and events.

Should the Purchaser no longer wish to receive such information, he/she may specify this in his/her customer account, or may inform APONIE at any time by writing to APONIE’s Customer Service (APONIE Customer Service – 42, Avenue Montaigne – 75008 Paris – FRANCE) or by email to client@aponie.com, or via the section “Contact us” on the Website or via the “unsubscribe” link inserted at the bottom of any email sent by APONIE. If any issue encountered, the Purchaser may contact APONIE’s Customer Service.


12.1 Governing law and Jurisdiction 

French law governs these general Terms and Conditions of sale. The French law governs the sales of the products by the company APONIE. Any dispute that may arise from the existence, the execution and the breach of the contract between APONIE and the Purchaser shall be subject to the Commercial Court of Paris.

12.2 Amicable solution

In the event of problems related to application of these general terms and conditions of sale, we invite you to find an amicable solution by contacting our Customer Service that you can contact by writing to APONIE’s Customer Service (APONIE Customer Service – 42, Avenue Montaigne – 75008 Paris – FRANCE) or by email to client@aponie.com.

12.3 Non-amicable solution

In the event of breakdown of negotiations, any legal proceedings arising in relation to execution or interpretation of this contract will be brought before the courts having jurisdiction of the seat of the company APONIE, which means the Commercial Court of Paris.


APONIE undertakes to use its best effort to reply to the Purchaser as quickly as possible. APONIE offers a Customer Service to the Purchasers for any information request or claim. Any request or claim may be sent to APONIE’s Customer Service by writing (APONIE Customer Service – 42, Avenue Montaigne – 75008 Paris – FRANCE) or via email to client@aponie.com


Any text, comment, illustration, image and any other component appearing on the Website APONIE are the sole property of APONIE. In this capacity, any reproduction, representation, modification, adaptation or any use of any of these components is prohibited and the party liable for infringement of the above shall be liable to penalties.