The APONIE Cosmetics will be available soon.

French cosmetic expertise for young adults

The House of Haute Parfumerie APONIE creates natural beauty products, derived from French excellence, for the skin of young adults. Because you don't have to wait until your first wrinkles to start taking care of your skin, APONIE has taken a new approach, becoming the first brand to create luxury cosmetics, both male and female, for the daily hygiene, protection, and hydration of skin that has not yet experienced the effects of time.

Formulated from precious and gentle raw materials and active ingredients whose efficacy, quality and powers are well established, our cosmetics provide both the care your skin needs and the well-being that your body wants. Our creams, milks, lotions and balms provide the pleasure and pride that you feel when you take care of yourself. APONIE cosmetics cater to the body and adapt to it to make it more sublime each day, while always respecting its nature.

Loving young people, and conscious of the vacuum that currently exists in the world of luxury cosmetics for young adults, the House of APONIE seeks to spread its pedagogical message and invites you to the happiness of skin care and beauty procedures.