APONIE: An Original combination around a common passion

APONIE is the result of the unique combination of five different but complementary people, who have united around a common passion for elegance, perfumes and cosmetics, and the desire to run a business undertaking. Together, they work for the success and reputation of the brand.

Jocelyne DUVAL

Jocelyne Duval is the cornerstone of APONIE. Fascinated very early on by the world of Luxury, Perfume and Cosmetics, already as a teenager she aspired to create her owncosmetics brand - but didn't get the approval and support of her parents, who were both academics. So then she studied law, but never abandoned her first love. 

Starting in 1988, Jocelyne imported natural cosmetics from the United States, which she marketed by selling at home, in France, elsewhere in Europe and in some African countries, and she found real success. Meanwhile, she continued her career in law firms and financial engineering, and completed her education with a course for Executives and Managers at ESCP Europe. For nearly fifteen years, she followed a self-taught course of training through lectures, workshops and training programmes with perfumers, and from professional organizations in cosmetics and beauty.

In 2014, she founded APONIE. And with all the skills necessary to realise her dream, Jocelyne Duval, ambitious and hardworking, intends to turn APONIE into a successful human adventure involving its partners, its customers and the brand itself. Dynamic, cheerful and optimistic, with a joie de vivre, ability to listen and elegance that form an integral part of her being, Jocelyne naturally shares this temperament and this nature with everyone she meets. The creator of the brand has demonstrated a real passion for entrepreneurship and especially for entrepreneurship involving young people. Not having been able to benefit like that herself at the beginning of her career, she now intends to provide young people with opportunities to work in business. In these conditions, it is no wonder that her two children, Marc-Aurèle and Camille, also get their teeth into APONIE and go into partnership.

Marc-Aurèle JULES

Marc-Aurèle Jules, After graduating from HEC Paris, majoring in "Media, Arts and Design" and "International Risk Management”, he joined the family project. With a real interest in entrepreneurship, having grown up with a passion for elegance and fragrance, and a very genuine complicity and complementarity with his mother, he took charge of sales management and international brand development.

Camille LECONTE and Martin d'HERBÉCOURT

Camille Leconte and Martin Herbécourt are two childhood friends. Camille, from her early childhood, discovered and shared with her mother a love for well-being, perfume and cosmetics. She was quickly seduced by the values of APONIE. Her enthusiasm and willingness to take part in the family business tell their own story. She and her friend discovered a common passion, so that Martin, too, immediately declared his desire to join the company. Both students, she studying law at the University of Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense (Paris X) and he at HEC Lausanne, they are active links in APONIE, and they take care of field marketing and customer relations with young people.


René Hountondji, a longtime friend of the founder of the company, shares the philosophy of this project. He is the scientific expert of the House of APONIE. With a PhD in Natural Sciences and an Expert in Chemistry, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, he is in charge of the research on the physiological and biological needs of the skin of young adults who do not yet need anti-wrinkle treatments. His duties as a researcher and professor at Pierre and Marie Curie University (Paris VI) place him at the forefront of research in his field of expertise, always keeping up with the latest new things and discoveries that can improve the products of the brand.